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If you are looking for an Event announcer, Voice of God or Host for your next event you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for pre-recorded files or a live performance, I look forward to representing your brand. 

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"Martin was an absolute delight to work with, arriving in plenty of time for sound checks and to get a feel for the tone of the event. He was incredibly flexible and responsive, being on hand throughout the event to adapt to any changes of script. He certainly made my job a lot easier as I had every confidence in his role on the night."
Claire Durant, GSP Events Ltd

“Martin was a real pleasure to work with. I was really impressed that he was able to speak unrehearsed in real time and have no reservations in recommending him. I will definitely be booking him again in the future”
Amanda Head, Melon Events

You will find some examples of some of the companies I have worked for above. I have been lucky to work at so many amazing events throughout the UK and am able to adapt and react quickly depending on your requirements. 
If you have any questions or require a custom quote, please do not hesitate to contact me using the details below.

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